Our Projects

With dozens of projects completed in the lower mainland, we’ve selected some of our favourites for you below.  Everything from full renos to select building maintenance projects.  

150 Athletes Way

Splitting time between Hong Kong and Vancouver ended up being full-time during Covid so this owner decided to make Vancouver feel like home.

2430 Point Grey Rd

In the heart of Kitsilano this 20 years old building needed some care. After installing new doors, new light fixtures, and smart pot lights the whole room just feels cozy.

688 Citadel Parade

Downtown Vancouver unit customer wanted a lighter color for their flooring as well as replacing the baseboards in the apartment. We were able to help with any extra work they wanted done.

2857 Crestlynn Drive

This new build in North Van recently got a small upgrade which made such a big change to its appareance and client really enjoys the feeling out in their backyard.

1645 Old Eagle Cliff Road

From having a very regular office space to having an office space with lots of storage room plus a small space for having some snacks and drinks. Such a renovation gave this room a much more comfy feel to it.

Major Tom Conference Room

As we prepare to head back into the office, why not make your office a beautiful space to work in.

Pacific Hair

This designer workspace was in dire need of good lighting.  We just saved some eyeballs.

TTT Studios

Old server room transformed into a conference room .

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