1982 Vancouver Special

Embarking on a total transformation from the inside out, this renovation project went beyond a mere facelift, reaching down to the studs of the structure. The homeowners faced the challenging decision of whether to demolish and start anew, relocate, or breathe new life into their family home of 24 years. After much contemplation, the determining factor became the footprint. Recognizing the advantages of the older building code, which allowed for more square footage on their lot in 1982, they opted to preserve the character of their home. The result? A meticulously upgraded residence that not only adheres to today’s standards but boasts a completely revamped floor plan, enhanced heating systems, new windows, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, and even the addition of a legal suite. This renovation stands as a testament to the thoughtful fusion of the past and present, creating a harmonious living space for the homeowners.


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