Dunbar Contemporary Oasis

A recent contemporary design renovation by KeyPlus Design / Build has completely revitalized the main floor and master suite of our home. The open-concept main floor, comprising the kitchen, dining, and living areas, now boasts a seamless flow of clean lines, neutral tones, and carefully selected furnishings, creating a chic and welcoming space. The kitchen is a modern culinary haven with state-of-the-art appliances and sleek cabinetry. The dining and living areas exude sophistication with a blend of comfortable furnishings and stylish decor. The ensuite bathroom on the main floor mirrors this contemporary aesthetic, featuring luxurious finishes and innovative design elements. Upstairs, the master bathroom has been elegantly updated, ensuring a cohesive and modern aesthetic throughout the home. KeyPlus Design / Build has successfully transformed our living spaces into a harmonious blend of functionality and contemporary elegance, providing us with a truly stunning and comfortable abode.

As the owner of the recently renovated home by KeyPlus Design / Build, I am beyond delighted with the transformation they have brought to our living space. The entire main floor, encompassing the kitchen, dining, and living areas, now radiates a contemporary charm that perfectly aligns with our vision. The kitchen is a masterpiece of modern design, featuring top-notch appliances and a sleek aesthetic that has made cooking a joy. The cohesive flow from the main floor to the ensuite bathroom reflects a meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for style. Upstairs, the updated master bathroom is a sanctuary of luxury. KeyPlus Design / Build has not only met but exceeded our expectations, turning our house into a stylish and functional haven. Their professionalism, creativity, and commitment to quality have made the renovation journey a truly rewarding experience.”  – Chris Westman

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