Age-In-Place Renos

Stay independent in your own home with KeyPlus. From simple additions like shower grab bars to full single-level living renovations, we offer free consultations to explore a variety of affordable solutions tailored to your needs.


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Grants & Tax Rebates

There are several grants and tax rebate opportunities for aging-in-place upgrades to your home.  Federally there is the Home Accessibility Tax Credit, Medical Expense Tax Credit and The Multigenerational Home Tax Credit.  In the province of BC there is the Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations.  KeyPlus can help you assess which of these you may be eligible for.  


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Getting Started & In-Home Assessment

Determining what you need in your home to make it safe and secure starts with an in-home assessment. 

A few of the items reviewed during your In-Home Assessment


Doorways and Hallways - Are they wide enough, do you need handrails installed?


Ramps prevent falls as well as allow easy access to your home whether it be using a walker, cane or via a wheelchair.


Voice-controlled lights, phone access and temperature enable you to control all the aspects of your home from the comfort of your chair.


Get rid of tubs! Curbless showers with benches and a shower wand will significantly reduce the danger of slipping in the bathroom.


Grab bars - properly anchored bars placed around bathroom fixtures and around beds can support you to live independently.


Improve Lighting - poor lighting can lead to unnecessary trips and falls.


Stair lifts and elevators can eliminate the danger of falling down the most dangerous thing in your house, the stairs .


Single handle faucets.

“We upgraded our shower to be non-slip without a curb so that my 90 year old mother can stay in our home and age together with her family.   We love her so much, I just can’t imagine her falling or hurting herself when we could have prevented it.”

-Julia Chang


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