688 Citadel Parade

This 20 year old building had 20 year old style, so it was time for a fresh and modern feel.

  • Date: April 2020
  • Client: Private Client
  • Project Type: Flooring and Trim

About this Project

Customer was not happy with the original color their floor had. They were able to find a flooring that would match what they wanted and they loved the new look the whole project gave their home.


  • Removed old wood floor.
  • Installed new toilets.
  • Removed all tile from bathrooms.
  • Installed high-quality vinyl plank flooring throughout.
  • Installed 5/8″ x 6″ edge trim all around.
  • Painted and caulked.
  • Installed safe in closet.
  • TV mounted, cords ran through the wall.
  • New dining table light fixture installed.

Old flooring was worn and dark.

Installing underlayment

Tile removed from bathroom and floor primed for self-leveler.

Self-leveler installed.

Flooring begins installation.

Build-out points created.

Self-leveler, where needed, is dry.

Corners dealt with.

And completed.

Fun cuts.

Time to tackle the bathroom.

More fun cuts.

Pretty throne.

Caulk and paint the trim.

Looks good.

Job done, kids are back on the couch.

Job done!  The client was very happy.

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