Vancouver Community Lab

Many of the KeyPlus crew were active users of the woodworking and metal working spaces and they needed help building out the facilities to making their yard usable.   

  • Date: 2016
  • Client: Vancouver Community Lab
  • Project Type: Concrete, masonry and metal beam construction.  

About this Project

Completed in the spring of 2017, this community co-working space was faced with the challenge of proper gas storage outside of their facility.  As active members of the community, KeyPlus stepped up to design & build more than a gas shed, but a platform to turn the backyard from a storage and garbage area into a functional workspace.

  • as
  • a gas storage shed, 2x20A power built into the deck along with a water source, a delivery platform / stairs / railing, access to their stormwater catch basin and under platform storage.  KeyPlus completed everything from design to construction to city inspection.

    Old flooring was worn and dark.

    Pretty new bathroom tile and fixtures.

    Music in the bathroom anyone?

    This room was HOT!  Now with an in-wall powered fan, it’s not.

    I would like my TV up on the wall with no wires like magic!

    I want a plug-in right HERE!

    And then make it all pretty like.

    So many holes, so many walls.

    Let there be light! In my storage…

    Make my laundry like the red Darth Vadar.

    Now that feels like home.  ahhhhh.

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