1645 Old Eagle Cliff Road

This house in Bowen Island had an amazing view but lacked a cozy office / kitchen space.

  • Date: April 2021
  • Client: Private Client
  • Project Type: Kitchen Cabinets Install 

About this Project

Beautiful home in Bowen Island with a bad office display and setup. As simple as some storage space, a good looking counter top and a good electrical work to hide any visible wires gave this room such a great appeal and comfort.


  • Assesed and planned according to the conditions
  • Installed and Leveled Cabinets
  • Boards were custom cut to fit.
  • Installed undercabinet  LED lighting for the kitchen area.
  • Floor was uneven so we made a support base so that everything is strong and secured
  • Installed support brackets for stone installation
  • Rewired new receptacles to remove any visible wires
  • Drawers and doors were adjusted to have a perfect look
  • Extra electrical work done.
  • Toe-kick customized

Space was not being used efficiently and did not look good or organized 

Time to prepare the area and inspect the level and dimensions

Leveling and installing cabinet mounts.


Cabinets Installed now checking level and plumb.

Doors and Drawers installation. Start of custom cuts.

Custom Cut for LED light.

Carousel installed.

Side & back panels cut and installed. Laser level to verify everything is correct throughout the install.

Every detail matters. 

Once installed. It’s time for adjustments.

Job Completed. Another client satisfied

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