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What info do you need to put together a quote?

The best starting place is with photos of your space and a detailed description of what you’d like to achieve.  Send as many photos as you can to and we’ll get started on pricing options straight away. 

Do I need to get a permit to do a renovation?

Depending on the extent of your renovations, you may need a permit.  Renos that require a permit are when we will be moving interior walls and/or plumbing, electrical or gas lines, making structural repairs, building or altering a garage, shed or deck and any tenant improvements in commercial space.  Renos that don’t require a permit include replacing fixture, cabinets or flooring, carrying out non-structural maintenance and repairs to the home, painting, light plumbing, replacing electrical fuses, receptacles or switches, and installing roofing, gutters or drains.  If you are unsure if your project will require a permit, please give us a call to discuss at (778) 300-7831.

How long will my reno take?

Most small renos can be accomplished in anywhere from 2 to 10 days upon receipt of all required materials.  For example, a new kitchen, in an average sized home, will take between 3 to 5 days as long as all materials (countertops, cabinets, appliances) are ordered ahead of schedule to arrive during that period of time.  Should any delays occur in materials delivery, the time will be extended accordingly.  KeyPlus doesn’t want you or your loved ones to be displaced for any longer than is absolutely necessary, so we work diligently to ensure shipping logistics are buttoned up before we start any work in your home or office.

We need an on-call handyman for our building or office. Can you help us?

Indeed we can!  We have a broad set of skills available that can repair most problems in a building quickly and cost-effectively.  We typically will require a monthly retainer in order to provide on-call services, please call us to discuss your needs.

Do you do new construction?

Yes, however, we limit the extent to what we’ll do to building additions, laneway houses, garages and sheds.  We know our strengths and we stick to them.